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Irobot Roomba 780 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

roomba 780 robot vacuum reviewRoomba 780: Imagine being able to program your "housecleaning" robot to clean your home's carpets and floors without lifting a finger. The Irobot Roomba 780 vacuum cleaning robot gets rid of dirt, pollen and pet hair on its own at the touch of a button.

Millions of Roomba vacuum cleaners have been sold worldwide with the Irobot Roomba 780 model being one of their most popular. Extremely versatile and super easy to use, the Roomba 780 is their most powerful, and is able to vacuum thoroughly multiple floor surfaces including carpets, hardwood, tile and linoleum floors.
The Roomba 780 comes equipped with iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology allowing it to vacuum almost 98% of all dirt, pet hair, dust and potential allergens completely on auto-pilot and without the need for any human interaction. In fact, not only does this powerful robot clean extremely well it also navigates around obstacles, under furniture, and around pets while removing dirt from corners and other hard to reach locations in your home. Being one of IRobots top models it comes with all of today's latest innovations and features along with twin HEPA air filters designed to remove dust and pesky allergens from the air while carefully cleaning your floors.

Another cool feature that you won't find on most robotic vacuums is the exclusive Roomba 780 "Dirt Detect Series 2 Technology". This new technological breakthrough actually directs the robot to spend more time on the dirtiest parts of your floor for a more concentrated cleaning in the areas that need it the most. Multi-room navigation is no problem with the built-in "Virtual Wall Lighthouses" feature. Easily direct the robot to move from room to room as it does its cleaning, while at the same time completing one room perfectly before moving to the next - making hands-free cleaning of several rooms as easy as punching a few buttons.

With the Irobot Roomba 780 you'll have little guesswork for even the simplest tasks. When the dust bin is full, Roomba will let you know. Not only that, but Roomba also has a built-in scheduler so that cleaning is done on your time frame when it is the most convenient for you. When the robot's battery needs charging, it will automatically return to its homebase and charge itself before moving out later to continue its cleaning. All of the features are easily accessible on its state of the art control panel making it convenient and very easy to use. Comes with a 12 month conditional warranty for the robot and a 6 month conditional warranty for the battery.

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Product features for the Irobot Roomba 780 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Exclusive 3 stage cleaning system with the AeroVac Series 2
Allergenic friendly dual HEPA air filters for cleaner air in your home
iAdapt Responsive Cleaning System for a more thorough cleaning
Virtual Room Lighthouses allows for efficient room to room navigation
Innovative Onboard scheduling allows for scheduled cleaning sessions for as much as a week out
Power management software for longer battery life
Includes an infrared remote control

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roomba cleaning wood floorDespite being one of the top rated robot vacuums, the Roomba 780 is not perfect. I like the dust bin feature over a bag because it's super easy to empty, but the bin is a little small and needs to be emptied frequently if the carpet is really dirty.

This of course will stop it from completing scheduled tasks if you're not home when "full dust bin" light comes on. My advice is to be home while it's running if the floors are dirtier then normal.

The sweeper rollers are part of what sets Roomba apart in terms of deep cleaning, but the brushes do have to be manually cleaned every 2 or 3 times to remove hair and other contaminants.

Having said that, the Irobot Roomba 780 is light years ahead of most competitors in terms of cool features and advanced technology. With its Adaptive Logic, concentrated cleaning and 7 day scheduler this little robot is truly state of the art. Its also very simple to set up and run. Just push a button and let it go, it really is that easy. Manufactured by Irobot a leader in advanced robotic technology with a number of other household robots and military contracts as well.

Here's what one owner had to say about the Roomba 780:


"This robot vacuum is very much worth the money I paid for it. We have a yellow lab that sheds and leaves hair all over the floor. My Roomba sweeps it up and cleans the floors with out any problems. Occasionally it does get stuck, but when it does it shuts off automatically so it doesnt waste battery life."

D Kleckner

review paraphrased for size - read original review here

roomba side view


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