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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

neato xv-21 pet and allergy automatic vacuum cleanerIf you're a pet owner, the Neato XV-21 was designed just for you. With it's superior vacuuming technology and customized sweepers the Neato XV-21 was specifically made to cope with pet hairs and allergens from airborne dust and debris.

In fact this Robot will contain and filter up to three times the amount of dust missed by vacuums with standard air filters with its advanced sweeping and suction power. Extremely powerful for a robot vacuum at this price, the XV-21 is easy to set up and customize to clean where and when you want it to. At the touch of a button, your robotic helper will quickly scan the entire room, mapping its contents, dimensions and floor types.

Once its internal mapping is completed it will clean carpets, tile or hardwood floors automatically with an organized pattern as if a real human were doing the cleaning. It's amazing to watch how structured and methodical the Neato's "Room Positioning Technology" also known as "RPS" is able to see using an infared laser where to go and what to clean, mapping and making changes constantly as it continues to scan the room.

If a pet or child enters the room the RPS will automatically adjust and navigate around it accordingly. Everything is contained in a bagless dirt bin that can be removed and emptied by simply sliding the bin in and out of compartment. No messy bags to deal with or to constantly replace, dirt bins have become standard with quality robot vacuums.

More then just a vacuum, this bot is smart enough to identify differences in floor type as it works the room and is perfectly capable of cleaning virtually every floor in your home. Transitioning from wood, to tile, vinyl or carpet, the Neato XV-21 uses a stiff bristled brush that makes a first pass to disrupt hard to clean dirt, imbedded debris and pet hair. Once the bristled brush does its work, the improved and powerful suction system picks all of it up before filtering it through its special pet and allergy filters containing triple the micro dust particles of similar models.

I found the unit to be quiet for the most part, although you wont want to be watching TV in the same room it's running, it's still much quiter then an upright vacuum. It cleans in a very structured back and forth manner, cleans under beds, sofas and other furniture, and has no problems vacuuming and cleaning along walls and in hard to get to corners.

Battery life is usually around 40 minutes of continuous running, but don't worry... when the battery needs recharging the Robot will automatically find and return to its home base where it will recharge itself.

Although the Neato XV-21 may lack room to room navigation and a few other advanced features found in the Roomba 780 and 770 models it's still a very powerful machine with a superior air filtration system - at a savings of more then a $100.00 too.


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Product Details For The Neato XV-21

Specially designed for pet and allergy filtration
Includes a boundary marker and self-charging homebase
High-powered bristle-brush suction combination for superior cleaning of all floor types
User friendly dash allows for scheduling at the push of a button
Comes with a large bagless dirt bin - easy to remove and empty
Automatically self-adjusts to changes in floor surface
Automatically returns to homebase when battery is low

Read more product features...

neato rpsOnce you unpack the Neato XV-21 you'll see why this robot is so powerful because it's pretty heavy for something this small. In fact it resembles in some ways the base of a stand-up vacuum. Out of the box set up was fast and easy.

I simply took it out of the box, plugged in the homebase and waited for the battery to be fully charged. To start cleaning I pushed a button and that was it. The Neato scanned and mapped the room and started doing its thing. Very cool to say the least.

I think the most important feature about the Neato XV-21 is thats it's well built and powerful. If you look at the bristle brush on the bottom you'll see it looks just like the one on your big upright. This robot doesnt mess around and is probably why it has received so many great reviews from owners with olders models as well.

Another plus is the oversized dust bin and the bristle-brush is pretty straightforward to clean as compared to the Roomba which has 3 different rotating brushes to clean. When there are problems the unit will stop running and will notify you with a chirping sound that your neato needs to be emptied or is stuck.

Here's what one owner of the Neato XV-21 had to say:

"This is my second robot vacuum and I'm very pleased with this product. When I come home my floors are nice and clean and the robot is almost always back in its home base. I love the way it's so methodical and thorough in the patterns it makes too. If I could make one suggestion I think it could use a small corner brush for tight spots. But all in all it does a great job keeping my house clean."
M Pullman

review paraphrased for size - read original review here

 neato xv-21 complete kit


Price Alert: "The Neato XV-21 is currently available on Amazon at over 23% off retail price with free shipping!"

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