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The Litter Robot That Could

If you own cats then you know what a pain it is keeping your kitty's litter box clean. I've used several models of the automatic rake and sift style litter boxes and found them to be largely a waste of time and money. They were expensive and not very efficient at moving the "dirty" litter into a lower pan or removing the odors as much as I had hoped for. I finally went out and bought the Litter Robot - and couldnt believe I had waited so long to give it a try.

Our cats had no problem with it and required virtually no adjustment on their part, which is something I was worried about at first. This robot really performs as advertised and requires very little management on my end. When turned on, the robots sensors detect when your cat has left the box, and then waits approximately 7 minutes for clumping before moving the waste into a lower compartment for storage until it's time to empty. Check out this video demo and I think you'll be impressed at how well the Litter Robot works.




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