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Braava Floor Mopping Robot

We've seen that Robot's can help with many different household chores from vacuuming carpets to cleaning swimming pools. But the folks at IRobit recognized that people's cleaning requirements varied tremendously and from this the Braava Floor Mopping Robot was born. Vacuuming your carpet is one thing... but dusting and actually mopping a hardwood or tiled floor?

Cleaning almost any type of flooring is now easier then ever with one of these cool floor mopping robots. Simply attach a micro-fiber cleaning cloth to the bottom of its reservoir detachable pad, place it on the floor and turn it loose. Depending on whether you want your robot to sweep, dust or wet mop is entirely up to you, the Braava will obediently follow your instructions without complaining at all!

The Braava has an onboard GPS from Northstar navigation systems to accurately navigate and map every room you need cleaned. Once it has mapped out its surrounding it can wet mop your floor with its detachable reservoir pad. Check out IRobots video demonstration and see for yourself how cool this little floor mopping robot works!




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