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Robot Vacuum Reviews - Choosing The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

Looking for the best robot vacuum cleaner? Home robots are completely changing the way we clean our homes - inside and out. These new robots are loaded with the latest technology and some really cool features... 

best robot vacuumBest Robot Vacuum 2014
With robotic technology constantly improving, the idea of robots taking on more and more household chores is no longer something out of a science fiction movie.

Robot vacuum cleaners have been leading the industry as domestic helpers for several years now, with huge improvements in functionality, performance and new state of the art features.

What's not to love about automating household chores? Simply schedule your robot vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet while you're sleeping and when you get up the next morning your carpets are clean and expertly done.

Advancements in robotic vacuum technology have made impressive changes in our ability to use small robots to sweep, vacuum and clean our floors with the touch of a button.

Imagine how nice it would be to collect dust, dirt, and pet hair from everywhere in the room, easily navigating around and under furniture, along baseboards, wall edges, pets or clutter. Removing allergens from the air and providing a cleaner home for you and your family is a lot easier with one of these little robots as long as you buy the right one. Not all vacuum cleaners are the same, and robotic vacuum cleaners are no exception.

If you're lost when it comes to knowing a good robot vacuum from a bad one, you're in the right place. The appliances I've reviewed on this site are the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market today. You'll find quick descriptions of my favorite models below, or my complete review by clicking on the product link to the right of this page.

Additionally, you can read my short but concise buyers guide where you'll find useful information about what to look for and what to avoid while doing your research. Not all robotic vacuums are created equal. Check out the key points listed below and you'll be a lot better equipped at making the right decision when choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home or office.

Looking For A Deal?

Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies

roomba 780 The IRobot Roomba 780 cleaning robot is one of the most advanced robotic vacuums you can buy. With its exclusive "IAdapt" cleaning technology the device is able to pick up 98% of dust, dirt, and pet hair from all areas of the room, including corners and hard to reach surfaces under furniture.

Once collected, the dirt and other contaminants are sent through dual HEPA air filters to stop fine dust particles from escaping and being recirculated throughout the room.

The Roomba 780 is jam-packed with advanced features you won't find in most robot vacuum cleaners including a virtual wall, infared sensor they call "Lighthouse Technology". The Lighthouse Technology allows the robot to move from room to room and know exactly where to go. Its Dirt Detect technology actually locates concentrated areas of dirt and dust and spends more time spot cleaning on an as needed basis.

Customized scheduling is a breeze with its digital touch-pad controls and the Roomba 780 will even notify you when its dust bag is full. The robot comes with a limited 1 year warranty on the appliance and a six month warranty for the battery. (battery is included in purchase price)

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Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies
roomba 770
The Roomba 770 has many of the same advanced features as its big sister but is priced approximately 20% less. Although the 770 doesnt have the exclusive "Lighthouse Technology" it still allows for the programming of two virtual walls allowing you to customize where the robot goes and where it doesn't.

Virtually all other specifications are the same. With its powerful "sweeper vacuum" system and dual air filters this robot will filter out most micro-contaminants that conventional vacuums often recirculate in the air... making it a perfect robotic vacuum cleaner for anyone suffering from allergies.

Just like the 780, this model has no problems recognizing electrical cords, navigating corners, edges and furniture. It can self-adjust from carpet to wood to linoleum to tile - automatically too - making it extremely versatile while expertly cleaning every floor in your house.

With the touch of a button the Roomba 770 can be scheduled to clean for seven sessions during the week - and with its built-in power management software battery life has been improved over 50% from previous Roomba models. The longer lasting battery life means your robot vacuum cleaner will be hard at work, around the clock even when you are not home.

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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner
neato xv-21
The Neato XV-21 was designed for people with pets and allergies. Using a customized stiff bristle brush, increased suction power, and its "Pet and Allergy Filter" this robot vacuum is able to collect and contain three times the amount of micro dust particles then machines with standard air filters.

The Neato XV-21 has very powerful vacuuming and air filtration capabilities and is an exceptional value for a robot in this price range.Easily customized to clean any room in the house, it will scan the room and begin cleaning in a structured back and forth pattern just as a human while automatically adjusting from carpets to hard floors.

Equipped with its own built-in "Room Positioning Technology", the robot vacuum uses an infared laser to actually see what is in the room and then map it accordingly. The RPS system accurately maps where to clean and obstacles to avoid - constantly updating and remapping as needed. You'll love the bagless dirt bin - its super easy to remove, empty and put back in. No messy bags to deal with, this is a powerful machine and is now one of the best sellers on the market today.

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Neato Robotics XV-12 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner
neato xv-12
This new model from the folks at Neato is all set to clean and vacuum almost every floor your in your house. Using the same "Room Positioning" technology found in the XV-21, this robot will look at its surroundings and create exteremly accurate maps of the entire room, including doorways, furniture or other obstacles it may see.

If your pet comes into the room, no problem... the Neato XV-12 will update is navigational pattern to accommodate. It has a powerful vacuum system capable of removing imbedded dirt and pet hair into its over-sized "bagless" removable dust bin for easy emptying.

Other cool features include automatic adjusting from carpeted floors to hardwood or tile, cleans under and around furniture with its laser guided mapping system, and returns automatically to its home base for recharging. Can be scheduled for automatic cleanings up to a week in advance with its convenient touch-pad interface. If you don't need the allergin containing air-filters this is a good buy for under $300.00.

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Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 BASIC Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
infinuvo cleanmate qq-2The Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 is the least expensive robot I've reviewed. Although it lacks a home base for automatic recharging and some of the other advanced features found on more expensive models it's still a great robotic vacuum under $150.00.

It will sweep and vacuum under furniture, beds, in the corners and other hard to clean areas completely on autopilot. The vacuum system is powerful enough to collect dirt, pet hair and dust with impressive efficiency for a robot priced this low. Compared to other models the QQ-2 has an on-board UV light that identifies and disinfects as it cleans, killing germs, bacteria and allergy causing contaminants.

A great feature for anyone with allergies. The robot has automatic cliff detecting sensors that allow it to safely avoid drop offs and stairs. Average battery life while vacuuming is about 80 minutes with the battery requiring 3 hours for a complete recharge. If you don't mind a little less automation, the CleanMate is a great value and a good vacuum cleaner for the price.

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Robotic Vacuum Basics

Robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to collect dirt and debris completely on auto-pilot without any human intervention. These devices operate on rechargeable batteries and are square or round in shape and surprisingly small for what they do.

Although you'll still need a regular vacuum cleaner for stairs and occasional deep-cleaning, robot vacuums are fully capable of cleaning under furniture, wall edges and corners. Today's models have the ability to navigate around people, pets, and random clutter. They can be programmed to avoid drop offs, won't get tangled in electric cords, and can even be taught to stop at an invisible boundary that you define.

But that's not all... today's robotic vacuum cleaners are able to self dock and recharge themselves before heading back out to clean at whatever time interval you'd like. Room to room navigation is no problem for some models, and the advanced touch-pad controls make it easy to set up and operate while notifying you when the holding bag is full.

However, for those of us who suffer from allergies these little helpers are worth their weight in gold. By vacuuming and cleaning around the clock airborne pollutants are dramatically reduced making a big difference in the quality of life for anyone with severe allergy problems.

Automatically Cleans Floors Of Dirt, Dust And Pet Hair

robot vacuum reviewsWho would've thought that automating household chores would be so affordable and simple to use. Not only will your new robotic helper expertly vacuum your carpets, it will scan the room first and intelligently identify obstacles, stairs, drop-offs, furniture or anything else (like kids or pets) as it creates its own map of the room before going to work.

Add in the pre-programmed virtual walls set by pushing a few buttons and your loyal robot will happily go from room to room cleaning your floors. But that's not all your little robot can do.

Depending on the model you buy, it will send the debris through a specially designed HEPA air filter as it cleans, leaving the air behind it fresh and dust free. It will effortlessly clean all those hard to reach spots as it goes under your bed and other furniture in the room. Using its rotating sweeper brush it gets in the corners and along the edge of the wall too.

Your new robot vacuum cleaner will follow any schedule you'd like, seven days a week, night or day... and when it finishes it will return to its home base where it will recharge itself automatically before its next scheduled session. Of course not every model will have all of these features, but I think you get the picture.

Having a robotic helper can certainly make your life a lot easier while creating a cleaner, allergen free environment for you and your children. Check out my list of features and considerations that will help you to select the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home or office.

Will A Robot Vacuum Replace My Regular Vacuum Cleaner?

No, you'll still need to use your other vacuum occasionally. First, your faithful robot cannot do stairs, so you'll still need another vacuum for that. A larger vacuum will be needed at times to deep clean high traffic areas, spills or any other spot that is really dirty. Having said that, the robot will still do most of the heavy lifting by regularly cleaning under furniture, filtering dust and removing pet hair on a daily basis.

Can The Cleaning System Collect Dirt And Pet Hair?

Not all robotic vacuum cleaners have the power to pick-up heavy or impacted dirt and pet hair. The best units will have a combination of small brush sweepers with strong air flow and boosted sucking power to loosen and collect the debris as it passes over the floor. Some lower priced models act more as a broom and dust pan and are not effective at picking up and collecting large amounts of dirt, dust and hair.

The technologies and systems used by robot manufacturers can vary from brand to brand making it difficult to give set specifications for what defines a good vacuum system. The Roomba and Neato brands are safe bets for a quality cleaning system with hundreds of positive customer reviews on Amazon.

Is The Exploratory Behaviour Right For You?

robotic vacuum cleaner mappingThe best robot vacuum cleaners will have advanced software and laser sensors for efficient navigation and thorough cleaning coverage.

Ideally, you want your robot to vacuum every part of your house several times, avoiding stairs (cliff protection), cleaning around furniture, under beds and sofas, along walls, and around curtains or bed skirts.

It should be able to avoid cords or clutter, locate dirt (Roomba Models have Dirt Detect Technology), and clean the entire floor in a precise back and forth pattern just as if you were vacuuming it yourself. Some models can be programmed to move from room to room, while others will be limited and may need to manually repositioned.

Can It Clean Hard Floors, Wall Edges and Kickboards?

Your robot should have the ability to detect and automatically adapt its cleaning system from carpet to a hard floor. Additionally you want your vacuum to pick-up and clean wall edges, base mouldings and kickboards on cabinet fronts. The functionality and effectiveness will vary according to model, check the customer reviews and look at the manufacturers specs before making your purchase.

Check For Air Filters

Allergens and fine dust particles in the air are important features to people suffering from allergies. The models with HEPA filters work very well at helping to remove fine dust, allergens and other particles from the air. Highly recommended if anyone in the house has allergies or pets.

Battery Life And Recharging

With the exception of the lower priced models, your robot should have self docking sensors that automatically send it back to its home base where it can recharge itself before going back to work.

Know Before You Buy

Owning a robot to do your vacuuming is awesome. Would you rather come home and vacuum after work or simply program your little robot to do it while your away, right? But there are some negatives you'll want to consider - First, nothing is truly set and forget, you will have to prepare some things in each room to insure a smooth operation. Check the size of the dust bag and how easy it is to empty.

If you have pets you may have to empty it after 3 or 4 hours of use. You'll also have to clean the brushes and any hepa filters if your model has them. I have to empty my bin and clean the filters once per day (I have one small dog) and it takes me about 5 minutes to do.

All in all I think it's worth it. My allergies don't bother me nearly as much as they used to and I don't have to vacuum everyday any more. I hope my reviews and this buyers guide have helped you to better understand what to look for when choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner for you. Good-Luck!

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